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Poll: Dr. Richard Pan Leads In Sacramento Mayoral Race

Dr. Richard Pan holds 8 Pt. Lead Over Closest Competitor

Photo Source: Richard Pan for Mayor

SACRAMENTO, CA – Dr. Richard Pan’s campaign released a poll on November 28, 2023 showing him with an 8 point lead in the race for Mayor of Sacramento.

The citywide poll of likely March 2024 primary voters was conducted by nationally recognized polling firm Tulchin Research between November 6th and 9th, 2023.

Currently, Pan leads the race with support from nearly a quarter of likely voters (24%) with a lead well outside of the survey’s statistical margin of error. Specifically, Dr. Pan leads both of his nearest competitors by 8 points, Kevin McCarty and Steve Hansen, who are tied for second place with 16% of the vote while Flo Cofer trails with 8%. The table below highlights the support for each candidate in the horse race.

Dr. Pan also enjoys widespread popularity among voters with 61% name identification, with 42% viewing him favorably and 19% unfavorable.

Dr. Pan’s strong connection with voters, history of public service, and experience resonate with voters and positioned him as a clear front runner in the race for Mayor.

Dr. Pan's popularity most likely comes from years of distinguished service in the state legislature as a member of the state Assembly and Senate while avoiding the city debacles in public policy attached to McCarty and Hansen who both served on city council. In addition, Dr. Pan has the key endorsements of popular Sacramento elected officials, Sacramento County District Attorney Thienvu Ho and Senator Angelique Ashby.

Dr. Pan's candidacy follows a promising trend of AAPIs running and winning executive level office at the municipal level. Recent AAPIs elected to influential mayoral offices include Michelle Wu in Boston, Sheng Thao in Oakland, Todd Gloria in San Diego, Aftab Pureval in Cincinnati, and Helen Tran in San Bernardino.

Dr. Pan is a proud Sacramento father, former state legislator, small business owner, educator, and physician who has dedicated his life to building healthy communities no matter how difficult the challenge. Dr. Pan’s mayoral campaign is focused on the fundamentals to build a healthy and safe Sacramento and includes plans to improve public safety, address the homelessness crisis, and promote economic growth throughout the region.

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